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A collection of table cloths and table coordinates produced from the highest quality raw materials and available in various sizes, colors and decors.


Made in Italy products, where elegance and quality meet to create a unique experience at every meal.

Each tablecloth is made from fine fabrics ensuring durability, softness and a refined design that fits perfectly on any table. Choose from various colors, styles and patterns designed to enrich your table and enhance every convivial moment.

Be won over by our collection of tablecloths, designed to satisfy the most refined tastes and make every occasion special. Explore our assortment and give your home the authentic touch of Made in Italy.


Napkins and table runners made with passion and craftsmanship, reflecting Italian textile art in every detail.

Each product is packaged with craftsmanship and attention to design. Choose from a variety of colors, styles and patterns designed to add a touch of class to any meal.

Explore our collection and discover Made in Italy fabric napkins and runners that fit your style and make every convivial moment a unique experience. Treat your table to the prestige and refinement of Italian craftsmanship.

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