An experience of more than 30 years in the industrial textile industry

We are a reality with an Italian heart with an increasingly international mind. Primolino is a textile brand, a family and an ever-evolving idea.

From a family business to an Italian reality with important international collaborations: we were born from a small but ambitious project, simple and essential: characteristics that are reflected in our production philosophy.

The people behind the Primolino Project have dynamic minds and a deep devotion to their work. The initial small circle of collaborators gradually grew, and the national panorama turned into a world panorama.

From year to year, we deepen important partnerships with top professionals in the restaurant, hotel and hospitality industry.

We have a story to tell

Over 30 years of technical knowledge and fabric marketing employed in the growth of an all-Italian brand.

The Primolino brand made its first appearance in the industrial textile industry as a simple logo used to denote collections of high-quality table linens for industrial laundry. The labels functioned as a “quality stamp” for selected fabrics within a broader production landscape.

The birth of the actual brand will have to wait for about 10 years, a time when, from being a simple tablecloth company, Primolino evolved into the textile brand we know today in 2010.

2016 saw the birth of an important collaboration with one of Italy’s oldest textile manufacturers with more than 100 years of history and experience, which were made available to our technicians to create next-generation fabrics.

Today, we are a growing entity ready to respond to the needs of a wider customer base in B2B but also in B2C.

Primolino is
marketed in
around the world

From the heart of the company, which is based in Milan, Primolino products reach all over Italy and the world.

Our products are marketed in hundreds of countries spread across the globe. The target audience is professional users. Primolino is a brand dedicated to B2B realities, which is why our production must constantly strive to match aspects such as elegance and refinement with typical features of the professional world such as durability and versatility.

We believe
in the Made in Italy

Almost all of our fabrics are produced in Italy according to the “Primolino philosophy”: product quality and reliability first always.

By directly managing the production stage, we have the ability to produce ad hoc items capable of meeting a wide variety of needs. Our collections include table linens, room linens, bath linens, hotel supplies, and hundreds of other accessories for professional and private audiences.

Our mission:
always improving

Constantly apply ourselves to researching new products that can improve the user experience of our textile products.

We are of the opinion that the sale of a product should only be the last step in a journey that began much earlier: knowing the customer’s needs and making products that meet the demand of an increasingly dynamic market are key keys in our production chain.

The basis of our journey is to understand why a client needs us; our experience and imagination are the tools we use to answer this call.

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